How to use Aloclair® PLUS

Aloclair® PLUS is available in three forms - an easy to use mouthwash, a handy spray and a gel - all easy and quick to apply. There is no need to use fingers as there are applicators which mean no mess and contamination is minimised.

Suitable for use in adults, children and babies4. Aloclair® PLUS has no known side effects if swallowed and has a mild liquorice flavour. Aloclair® PLUS has no know interactions with other medication you may be taking.

Aloclair PLUS Gel product shot

Aloclair® PLUS Gel

Aloclair® PLUS gel comes in a small tube which is great for carrying around when you're out. Simply apply 1 or 2 drops of gel to cover the whole ulcer or lesion. There's no need to use your fingers as the tube has a special long reach nozzle. Aloclair PLUS forms a film over the application area directly after application.

Aloclair PLUS Spray product shot

Aloclair® PLUS Spray

Aloclair® PLUS spray has an applicator nozzle which makes application quick and easy. Just direct the applicator towards the lesions and spray 3 times or as needed to cover the affected area. Repeat throughout the day as necessary. The spray is great for treating those hard to reach spots at the back of the mouth and is particularly good for children.

Aloclair PLUS Mouthwash product shot

Aloclair® PLUS Mouthwash

Aloclair® PLUS mouthwash comes in two sizes (60ml and 120ml) and is very simple to use. It is ideal for people suffering from multiple ulcers. Pour 10ml of the liquid into the measuring cap provided. Rinse around the mouth for at least 1 minute before spitting out. Repeat throughout the day as necessary.

Why Aloclair® PLUS?

Aloclair® PLUS contains NO ALCOHOL.

Aloclair® PLUS offers long lasting pain relief and promotes fast healing. It doesn't cause further damage to the soft tissues in the mouth. Aloclair® PLUS is hygienic, quick and easy to use.

Aloclair® PLUS has been designed with special applicators and nozzles for the different formulations.

Who is Aloclair® PLUS suitable for?

Aloclair® PLUS is suitable for all ages including children and babies4. It is ideal for patients with abrasions caused by orthodontic braces and dentures. The use of Aloclair® PLUS is contraindicated in patients with a known history of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.