1. Aloclair® PLUS: Observational adherence test (In an in vitro test)
Rumio C. October 2008 : Report on the Permanence of Three Rinse Products on a Human Epithelial Surface (Available on request)

2. Aloclair® PLUS contains NO ALCOHOL
Aloclair® PLUS Patient Information Leaflet

3. If you have had a mouth ulcer for more than 3 weeks, you should visit your GP

4. Aloclair® PLUS is suitable for all ages including children and babies
Cimaz R. March 2002 : Safety and Efficacy of Aloclair® Gel in the treatment of Oral Aphthous Lesions in Children;  Preliminary Findings from an Open Pilot Study (View the PDF in a new window)

Why Aloclair® PLUS?

Aloclair® PLUS contains NO ALCOHOL.

Aloclair® PLUS offers long lasting pain relief and promotes fast healing. It doesn't cause further damage to the soft tissues in the mouth. Aloclair® PLUS is hygienic, quick and easy to use.

Aloclair® PLUS has been designed with special applicators and nozzles for the different formulations.

Who is Aloclair® PLUS suitable for?

Aloclair® PLUS is suitable for all ages including children and babies4. It is ideal for patients with abrasions caused by orthodontic braces and dentures. The use of Aloclair® PLUS is contraindicated in patients with a known history of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.